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Part of the Edsel Ford Estate on Haven Hill at Highland Recreation area was the extensive private Nature Trails. The Haven Hill Project team have been GPSing and taking pictures of this beautiful, mostly forgotten area of the park. Very shortly we will release a Map showing the original Nature Trails, their features and the many beautiful stops along the way.

There where many man-made ponds, bridges, stone structures, benches, staircases. The private Nature trails where quite extensive and very detailed. You will see why the Fords created this trail system and why they used it on such a regular basis.

Part of one of the upcoming HISTORY Hikes at Haven Hill will be a separate Hike dedicated to the Nature Trails themselves. Although much of the trails that where once a part of this trail system are now almost gone, due to overgrowth and lack of use, we have been following them and GPS marking them in great detail and can now follow this trail without the many signs and worn in grooves that once were this beautiful trails system.

Look for HISTORY Hike schedules to be released shortly. See you all on the Hill.

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We have received such overwhelming responses to our first History Hike that we are looking at doing a second one, earlier then expected. A couple of large groups from Macomb county have requested we repeat our first Hike for them. This may take place before the warmer summer months we had originally planned our second hike around.

Since most of the snow has already left, there is much more that is revelled at Haven Hill. The early Springtime is one of the best times to visit this area of Highland Recreation area. Not only is much more visible of the Ford Estates remains, but the vast variety of plants and trees, blooming for the spring is a great environment to be wandering around in.

The HHP team will be out regularly GPSing the west side of Duck Lake road in the Park, as well as doing some fine point details work in the Haven Hill area itself. We are trying to coordinate the release of the first Haven Hill Book, with our GPS/Map tours for I-Phones, Droids and actual GPS units. Lots of work, but the results are showing great promise in keeping some of the history and natural aspects of this place, in tact for future generations.

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We have been overwhelmed with emails and suggestions and comments about not only our recent History Hike, but the Haven Hill project study group as well. probably the most suggested item after our recent Hike is that the Haven Hill Project should become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit group, so that we all can assist in protecting the historical and natural places at Highland recreation area.

As people are becoming aware of not only the History, but the Natural aspects of the Haven Hill area, the more they want it all protected. Most people have expressed a want to keeping the area as natural as possible. Not turning the whole place into a circus for money. We agree with this completely! The area should be studied, shown to the public and protected in as many different ways as possible. No one is interested in facsimiles of what once was there. Not even the Ford family is interested in that. This is very clear in the huge response we have received from the 1st History Hike.

The Haven Hill Project is now looking at some possible avenues in assisting the people of the state of Michigan preserve and protect their history and Parks. We will keep you all posted. And thanks for the great support for the cause.

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For a short review of our wonderful afternoon at Highland Recreation are, in White Lake Twp., we put a short video together. Nothing special, but it shows what fun we all had while learning some things about the Ford Estate history and Oakland county history. All while having the sun shine down on a beautiful Winter afternoon on the snow covered hills in Southeastern Michigan. Truly doesn’t get to much better then this.

Join us in the Spring for our 2nd in the series of HISTORY HIKES at Haven Hill, when the snow has gone and the fine point details of all that remains at Haven Hill is better reveled to everyone. See you all there on the Hill.

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Our first History Hike went just GRAND! A wonderful turn out of very intrested and informed people. Many brought some valuable information about the Ford family and Estate. This really added tremendously to the many discussions and stops at Haven Hill. Over 30 people showed up on this winter afternoon.

The deep snow cover did not hamper the hikers. The weather was so nice that even the sun came out when we made it to the top of Haven Hill. The nice temperatures allowed many of us to shed a layer of clothing and relax.

Chuck sent in a few pictures below, and we will have some Video’s shot at the Hike, posted very shortly. The Haven Hill Project team (Darrin, Scott, Robert) would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in a fun and informative afternoon at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area. Remember this was just the first in a series of History Hikes at the Ford Estate.

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