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The research continues in a number of places around the Haven Hill area and the finishing touches on the trails outside the preserve. Most of Highland recreation area has now been completely GPSed and detailed out.

Many new discoveries have been made while we have been GPSing and mapping the park and Haven Hill. The Spring has been most revealing. The Ford Nature Trails have many secrets, and the Estate extended further then most people have considered. The extensive construction, small structures, water channeling, stone walls and details through out the Haven Hill Estate proper and beyond, boggles the imagination at time.

Check out the latest FLICKR photos for some of our recent trips to the park. Some of the very best is still to come.

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The HHP team has been logging the many plants and terrain in the main Haven Hill preserve area once again. On this Spring explorations we came across many of S.E. Michigan wildflowers and of course some of the Ford’s Nature Trail sign posts and nature area features. The many man-made ponds that the Fords created there is astounding. From ornamental stone-lined ponds, to large fish ponds. The series of stone dams and water-ways created to keep many of these ponds filled with water are still visible, yet unmaintained. This leaves many of the ponds dry, except for the rain water fill. The Fords private Nature trails are just beautiful, along with all the Spring blooms.

The HHP will be doing a special Hike of just the Ford Nature trails very soon. Ooops…..Did I say that. ­čÖé ┬áCheck out the new FLICKR feed for more pictures from our recent travels at Haven Hill.

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I shouldn’t be saying anything…..but I just cannot help myself. In two weeks there will be some Big surprises that the HAVEN HILL PROJECT will be releasing. No….not the first Book release. That is in the final editing stages though. But a few things that have been also brewing and being worked on for some time now. We’ll start to give you all some ideas next week on just what is about to happen here. I can’t wait!

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