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Completed some further measurements to confirm our original Lodge room and utilities layout for the about to be published Book on Haven Hill. While at the Hill this weekend, we also did some extensive work on photographing and verifying the main Water system for the Estate. This massive Well Pump pictured below is one of the biggest available even by today’s standards. Pulling water from 380 feet below ground and then pumping it up to the top of the Hill and feeding the Lodge and Carriage House, as well as the Pool and Fountain. A truly massive and powerful Water Pumping system.

The Estate and it’s infrastructure just never ceases to amaze us at just what Edsel put into the Estate buildings, grounds and entire infrastructure. From the earliest and still one of the best septic systems even by today’s systems, to this massive and very efficient Well Pumping water system he installed to provide clean water for all the buildings and including the Pool water and constant flowing Fountain. Just amazing for that time period, and still amazing today.

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As we are getting things together for the Rochester Heritage festival on September 24th and 25th, we are also preparing for our Fall HISTORY HIKE at Haven Hill the first week in October. Somewhere inbetween all of that our first book release should be out too.

Take a look at the web site. We have been updating many things along with this new TOUR Video/Slideshow.

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As we have been re-editing and doing some of the final re-writes for the soon to be released book on Haven Hill, we have come across many gross inaccuracies and just plain statements and info that is wrong.

There is not alot available, on-line, when it comes to the Ford estate at Haven Hill. Much of what is found is a mixture of some facts, sprinkled with rumors, conjectures and just false information. We have seen how this propagates into other News articles and writing which contain the same inaccurate information.

Although this is frustrating to us as researchers, we feel good about clearing up much of the false data and some of the guess work that has been the information data-base for the Haven Hill estate. It is even very interesting how some of the Archives we have viewed also have propagated false information contained in their files.

The Internet is a great tool that has also allowed people to share information so easily, and with others so far away. But it also has made getting ACCURATE information harder to obtain. Just because it is written someplace on-line…..doesn’t make it correct. In many cases with our cross-referenced research, we have had to go to a dozen sources to confirm a finding or information collected in one place, that doesn’t cross with information collected in another.

Although this has been frustrating to us in our final tallies for the first book release, we feel very good about possibly dispelling many rumors and inaccuracies that exist about the Ford estate at Haven Hill. This grueling process for the HHP team has not been the fun we experienced in our original collections of data from the site, and the early explorations we had of discovery. BUT……they are a very important fact, and details that make the fun parts of our research, all the more full-filling.

We are focused on a very accurate, detailed and truthful first book release. Not one based on guesses, half truths and just plain rumors. We are hoping that this first book release will be a base for others as well, to take solid,cross-referenced facts collected about the Ford estate at Haven Hill, and do further research and discoveries along with us.

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