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Recently, I have had the same conversation with many different people. That conversation is all about watching after our Heritage and Natural resources. Not just ignoring bad behaviour while out on the Trails, or in a Historical setting.

One of the biggest things destroying Haven Hill, besides the years of neglect from the State DNR, is Vandalism of all sorts. I am not just talking about Punks, spray painting the Carriage House or Pump House. I mean stuff like crawling on the roof of the Carriage House to cut away the copper flashing around the Fireplace for scrapping money.

Then there are the the Metal Detector people. It is illegal to use these devices absolutely anywhere on the state designated Historical areas. Which means the entire Hill-top and surround hill-sides +. These people digging up even door hinges that were hand-made for all the different Doors at the Estate, are just plain STEALING from all of us.

DO NOT HESITATE to report thieves and Criminals like these. Take their pictures, and maybe walk back to the Parking lot and take down their license plate numbers. These criminals that are stealing from all of us, including our children and future generations, deserve Jail time. Their thinking only includes themselves, and no one else. That is how they should be treated in return.

If we all do not watch out for our Historical places and special grounds, there will be nothing left for others. DO NOT be afraid to report these people. They are quickly destroying many of the Historically unique places at Haven Hill. And then there will be nothing.


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Walking the old, Edsel Ford Historic Nature Trails yesterday, I was surprised by a loud, goose-like HONK from about three feet in front of me. Nope, it wasn’t a goose (the trail’s not that wet). It was a baby deer, well camouflaged against the leaves. I never knew deer could make that sound, but I do know how it translates into English — MOM!!! After he took maybe 20-30 seconds to struggle to his feet, he walked, then ran off. Mom never showed up, but I’m sure she was close and keeping an eye on me, but just didn’t consider me a threat.

Unfortunately, it was so hot and humid yesterday, I only stayed out a couple hours. Fortunately, the August heat wave appears to have broken with last night’s thunderstorms, so now maybe we can go back to normal weather. With all the heat and water, though, the poison ivy has exploded throughout the park, with two out of three of the Haven Hill Project team members currently itching.

Two big Haven Hill Project events coming up soon. The Henry Ford/National Forest Service event at Greenfield Village in Dearborn Rob mentioned in the last post, plus a Haven Hill History Hike (without the foot of fresh snow this time) a week later. More details on that hike should be up within the next few days.

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We were out on Sunday knocking more off our to-do list. There’s really only one major piece of field work left. The day was hot and one of our 4-legged team members, new to the outdoors, was injured (don’t worry, she’s fine now), but except for that, it was a good, productive day.

Next month, we have two public events coming up for The Haven Hill Project. We’ll have a lot more information on those by this weekend, but for now, keep 6/12 and 6/19 open.

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I’m sure Rob will have more to say on this soon (with pictures, too!), but we were finishing up some field work explorations and measurements today and one of the things on the list was to get a measurement of a block of concrete we’d previously spotted. Well, we’d seen about ten feet of it before. Tonight, we searched a bit more. It’s mostly buried now, but this little ten foot long wall is actually three hundred and twenty feet long! Amazing the things you can find around Haven Hill if you just go looking!

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The three of us have been spending most of our time organizing collected data and information. We are trying to stay on our projected release dates for the 1st Book, Master Maps, the GPS Tour and the SMART phone APP.

Simply incredible to even us, on how much information we are sifting through. Even with having a pretty well organized data base and library, there is just so much there. It does look like we will be meeting our projected release dates for the first blast in the early Spring here.

The History Hike may get pushed up until the first couple of weeks in March, rather then the last week in February. Especially since it IS already February. 🙂 See You out at the Park and on the Hill. We are still running out there cross-referencing our data and actually shooting some short Video clips for our web sites Videos. look for that shortly too.

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