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It’s almost here. The Haven Hill Project’s Fall History Hike. The reason we are extra excited about this hike, is it will be our first Fall season led exploration. And Fall is the very best time to explore at Haven Hill. With much of the foliage turning colors, or falling to the ground…..much is reveled at Haven Hill. Ford estate features that you would never notice, come to life and are very apparent.

This will also be an extra exciting History Hike, because we will be showing everyone, for the very first time, the Historic Ford Nature Trails. this huge area along the estate was developed by Jens Jensen the famous landscape architect. It was the private nature area for the Ford family and their guests.

Ornamental Fish ponds, The Island of Bridges, Mystery Hill, the Staircase to nowhere, and so many yet unexplained mysteries await us on our Fall History Hike.

So download the Hike flyer and join us for this Free History Hike at Highland Recreation Area. Everyone will receive a very detailed and up to date Map of the Haven Hill area of the Park, and all types of information, we are sure you have never heard, about this unique place, hiding in plain sight, at one of our State recreation areas.

Download a flyer for the Hike here;  HISTORY HIKE

Or go to the Haven Hill project web site for more info:  HHP web site

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Our first History Hike went just GRAND! A wonderful turn out of very intrested and informed people. Many brought some valuable information about the Ford family and Estate. This really added tremendously to the many discussions and stops at Haven Hill. Over 30 people showed up on this winter afternoon.

The deep snow cover did not hamper the hikers. The weather was so nice that even the sun came out when we made it to the top of Haven Hill. The nice temperatures allowed many of us to shed a layer of clothing and relax.

Chuck sent in a few pictures below, and we will have some Video’s shot at the Hike, posted very shortly. The Haven Hill Project team (Darrin, Scott, Robert) would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in a fun and informative afternoon at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area. Remember this was just the first in a series of History Hikes at the Ford Estate.

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