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Just cannot wait for the Fall HISTORY HIKE. The weather is predicted to be PERFECT! Haven Hill is so beautiful at this time of year, and especially with the sun iluminating the Fall colors.

There will be much to see and experience on this HISTORY Hike, 10/9/10. Lots of great historical places to explore, while enjoying the unique natural environments at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area.

Join us this Saturday for a very unique exsperience at Haven Hill in White Lake Twp. Get further details at the link below.

Haven Hill HISTORY Hike

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It’s almost here. The Haven Hill Project’s Fall History Hike. The reason we are extra excited about this hike, is it will be our first Fall season led exploration. And Fall is the very best time to explore at Haven Hill. With much of the foliage turning colors, or falling to the ground…..much is reveled at Haven Hill. Ford estate features that you would never notice, come to life and are very apparent.

This will also be an extra exciting History Hike, because we will be showing everyone, for the very first time, the Historic Ford Nature Trails. this huge area along the estate was developed by Jens Jensen the famous landscape architect. It was the private nature area for the Ford family and their guests.

Ornamental Fish ponds, The Island of Bridges, Mystery Hill, the Staircase to nowhere, and so many yet unexplained mysteries await us on our Fall History Hike.

So download the Hike flyer and join us for this Free History Hike at Highland Recreation Area. Everyone will receive a very detailed and up to date Map of the Haven Hill area of the Park, and all types of information, we are sure you have never heard, about this unique place, hiding in plain sight, at one of our State recreation areas.

Download a flyer for the Hike here;  HISTORY HIKE

Or go to the Haven Hill project web site for more info:  HHP web site

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Completed some further measurements to confirm our original Lodge room and utilities layout for the about to be published Book on Haven Hill. While at the Hill this weekend, we also did some extensive work on photographing and verifying the main Water system for the Estate. This massive Well Pump pictured below is one of the biggest available even by today’s standards. Pulling water from 380 feet below ground and then pumping it up to the top of the Hill and feeding the Lodge and Carriage House, as well as the Pool and Fountain. A truly massive and powerful Water Pumping system.

The Estate and it’s infrastructure just never ceases to amaze us at just what Edsel put into the Estate buildings, grounds and entire infrastructure. From the earliest and still one of the best septic systems even by today’s systems, to this massive and very efficient Well Pumping water system he installed to provide clean water for all the buildings and including the Pool water and constant flowing Fountain. Just amazing for that time period, and still amazing today.

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This Saturday, June 12th at 9:30AM-12:30PM will be the first annual GET OUTDOORS Day celebrations at Greenfield Village. The US Forest Service along with the US Dept.of Agriculture is sponsoring this Event at the Village Pavilion.

The Village has been kind enough to let us and Hiking Michigan, lead a hike at the parks only island. The Hike will start at the Pavilion at 1PM, just after the speakers and festivities have concluded there. It should be a grand time for everyone of all ages!

For more info:  http://www.thehenryford.org/events/nationalGetOutdoorsDay.aspx

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I shouldn’t be saying anything…..but I just cannot help myself. In two weeks there will be some Big surprises that the HAVEN HILL PROJECT will be releasing. No….not the first Book release. That is in the final editing stages though. But a few things that have been also brewing and being worked on for some time now. We’ll start to give you all some ideas next week on just what is about to happen here. I can’t wait!

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