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We have just finished the first phase of our web updates in preparations for our Book, Guide booklet and Complete Tour Video releases. The updated site has new pictures, information and newly detailed maps and history sheets available now.

The next release will be our Guide Booklet. A spiral-bound book, with our very best and detailed map as an extended fold-out. It will include many of the high-resolution images as the hardcover Book, but at a less expensive price.

The Guide Booklet will be followed by the feature Video called “The Complete Tour of HAVEN HILL”. The Video is a copulation of the last two years of filming and the thousands of pictures taken during these research years. Both the Guide Book and Video will be out in the next two weeks.

Our hard-covered Book, called simply,” HAVEN HILL”, The Study of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area. The hardcover Book will contain much of the last two years of research, investigations, trails wanderings, Archival searches and endless miles of bushwhacking almost every square inch of the Ford estate and the Haven Hill Natural area.

All coming, starting the end of November!

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A wonderful day of hiking, history and Fall colors. Very impressive that over 70 people showed up to take in some of the areas history. Many great questions and some very interesting suggestions to the many unanswered questions surrounding the Ford estate on Haven Hill.

Most people told us how little information there is on-line concerning the Ford estate. We believe that Edsel & Eleanor Ford wanted their Home at Haven Hill to be private. Their Gaukler Pointe home in Grosse Pointe Shores is open for public tours, and there is much information available to the public.

There where many discussions on the Hike about this lack of information about the Haven Hill estate. We tried to share what we have learned about the estate, and there where many suggestions at why this magnificent estate and ground where kept quite through all these years. Some great conversations on this subject.

What was suppose to be a three hour Hike, turned into a 5 hour hike and exploration. This alone said alot about the interest in the many hidden historical aspects at Haven Hill.

The Haven Hill Project was very happy to share our studies over the last two years with all of you that came out for the History Hike. We hope it sparked some further interest in the history at Haven Hill and that everyone had just a nice time exploring and discovering the hidden historical treasures at Haven Hill in Highland Recreation Area.

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Just cannot wait for the Fall HISTORY HIKE. The weather is predicted to be PERFECT! Haven Hill is so beautiful at this time of year, and especially with the sun iluminating the Fall colors.

There will be much to see and experience on this HISTORY Hike, 10/9/10. Lots of great historical places to explore, while enjoying the unique natural environments at Haven Hill, Highland Recreation area.

Join us this Saturday for a very unique exsperience at Haven Hill in White Lake Twp. Get further details at the link below.

Haven Hill HISTORY Hike

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As we are getting things together for the Rochester Heritage festival on September 24th and 25th, we are also preparing for our Fall HISTORY HIKE at Haven Hill the first week in October. Somewhere inbetween all of that our first book release should be out too.

Take a look at the web site. We have been updating many things along with this new TOUR Video/Slideshow.

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As we have been re-editing and doing some of the final re-writes for the soon to be released book on Haven Hill, we have come across many gross inaccuracies and just plain statements and info that is wrong.

There is not alot available, on-line, when it comes to the Ford estate at Haven Hill. Much of what is found is a mixture of some facts, sprinkled with rumors, conjectures and just false information. We have seen how this propagates into other News articles and writing which contain the same inaccurate information.

Although this is frustrating to us as researchers, we feel good about clearing up much of the false data and some of the guess work that has been the information data-base for the Haven Hill estate. It is even very interesting how some of the Archives we have viewed also have propagated false information contained in their files.

The Internet is a great tool that has also allowed people to share information so easily, and with others so far away. But it also has made getting ACCURATE information harder to obtain. Just because it is written someplace on-line…..doesn’t make it correct. In many cases with our cross-referenced research, we have had to go to a dozen sources to confirm a finding or information collected in one place, that doesn’t cross with information collected in another.

Although this has been frustrating to us in our final tallies for the first book release, we feel very good about possibly dispelling many rumors and inaccuracies that exist about the Ford estate at Haven Hill. This grueling process for the HHP team has not been the fun we experienced in our original collections of data from the site, and the early explorations we had of discovery. BUT……they are a very important fact, and details that make the fun parts of our research, all the more full-filling.

We are focused on a very accurate, detailed and truthful first book release. Not one based on guesses, half truths and just plain rumors. We are hoping that this first book release will be a base for others as well, to take solid,cross-referenced facts collected about the Ford estate at Haven Hill, and do further research and discoveries along with us.

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September 25 & 26, Saturday and Sunday, at Rochester College, will be this years Heritage festival. All types of Organizations, History groups and activities will be going on all weekend.

The Haven Hill Project will be there in our booth, with info, handouts and all types of Free stuff. We are hoping to use the Festival as the unveiling of our first Book on the Haven Hill historical area at Highland Recreation area. We’ll have copies available through out the Festival weekend.

Join us and many other Historical organizations, entertainment, activities for the whole family, for this exciting weekend. Check out the Festival web site here:  Rochester Heritage Festival

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This Saturday, june 19th at 12pm-3pm, we will be leading a History Hike for Hiking Michigan, at Highland Recreation Area. This will be our second in a series of History Hikes out on the Haven Hill preserve in Highland.

This is the site of the old Edsel Ford Estate, as well as the Nature preserve that surrounds the Estate. It is a wonderful combination of History and Nature in one setting. There has been many new discoveries over the last year, so there are some very interesting things we have to show you.

We will visit the Carriage house, Lodge, Fountain, Poll, Tennis courts and if everyone is up for it, we will show you some of the newly GPSed Ford private Nature trails. There should be something for everyone. Detailsed Maps and info of the Haven Hill and Estate will be there for all in attendance.

You can download more details and a Map to the Hike here;http://www.hikingmichigan.com/PDFinfo/HavenHistory.pdf

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This Saturday, June 12th at 9:30AM-12:30PM will be the first annual GET OUTDOORS Day celebrations at Greenfield Village. The US Forest Service along with the US Dept.of Agriculture is sponsoring this Event at the Village Pavilion.

The Village has been kind enough to let us and Hiking Michigan, lead a hike at the parks only island. The Hike will start at the Pavilion at 1PM, just after the speakers and festivities have concluded there. It should be a grand time for everyone of all ages!

For more info:  http://www.thehenryford.org/events/nationalGetOutdoorsDay.aspx

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On Saturday June 12th the HAVEN HILL PROJECT will be at the Greenfield Village, National GET OUTDOORS Event. Celebrating getting children back into the outdoors. As part of the mornings activities, we will be sharing a Hike on the Island with Hiking Michigan. The Village has given us permission to go there and explore.

We will be following up on the June 12th Event with a combined hike with Hiking Michigan at Highland Recreation area. The Haven Hill HISTORY HIKE will be held on Saturday June 19th at 12PM, at the Park. We have done one other HISTORY hike at the Hill, this past Winter. But we have discovered much there, since that hike.

So come on out on June 12th to Greenfield Village and see Smokey the Bear, hear guest speakers and join us for a unique hike on the Village Island. You can get more details at the Link here: http://www.thehenryford.org/events/nationalGetOutdoorsDay.aspx

The on June 19th, Saturday, join us at Highland Recreation area, HAVEN HILL, for our second in the series of HISTORY Hikes at the Ford Estate. You can get more details and a Map at the Link provided here: http://hikingmichigan.com/PDFinfo/HavenHistory.pdf

Here are a few pictures from our recent meeting at Greenfield Village.

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