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With most of the leaves now sitting on the ground, the Haven Hill area looks much different. This special time allows us to see the lay of the land and just how the Estate and it’s features where set up.

I have discovered many things on the Hill and surrounding areas at this time of year. You can see those things that where so well hidden by the overgrowth of Trees and ground cover.

When the Ford family where living at the Estate, there where many young trees. Almost 80 years latter, the long views of the Lake and Farm, from the hilltop, are now obscured by the growth of these young trees to mature ones. Not only have the long views been blocked, but so have even the short views of just where everything was at.

At this time of year, it is easy to find the Dog Kennels, or walk the entire length of the Toboggan run. It is also a great time to discover the many walking and riding trails the Ford family created for themselves, that are now abandon and buried beneath the growing hillsides.

Walk slowly……wader off the main trails, and remember that what was very visible almost 100 years ago, is now……in many cases, buried under or obscured from view, by a quickly growing Mother Nature. Exploring Haven Hill is always a fun time.


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