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As we are trying to finish the first Book release for Haven Hill, we have been venturing out and doing some detailed work, such as final measurements, detailed pictures and last investigations of specific places and items. It just never fails………………..as we go and do what we think is something basic such as measuring a block of exposed concrete (used as a retaining wall, we discover so much more.

As Darrin wrote in the previous posting, we headed out to examine and measure this apparently small block of concrete and stone and discovered it was not just the exposed 10 feet we had once thought, but over 320 feet of poured concrete with rocks covering that, for over 320 feet. Big surprise!

While we where now measuring this huge structure, we discovered more remnants of what once was, during the Edsel & Eleanor Ford era there at Haven Hill. All of this will be detailed and pictured in our upcoming first Book release. A truly AMAZING place! Not just the history there, but the Natural areas as well.

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