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We have been overwhelmed with emails and suggestions and comments about not only our recent History Hike, but the Haven Hill project study group as well. probably the most suggested item after our recent Hike is that the Haven Hill Project should become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit group, so that we all can assist in protecting the historical and natural places at Highland recreation area.

As people are becoming aware of not only the History, but the Natural aspects of the Haven Hill area, the more they want it all protected. Most people have expressed a want to keeping the area as natural as possible. Not turning the whole place into a circus for money. We agree with this completely! The area should be studied, shown to the public and protected in as many different ways as possible. No one is interested in facsimiles of what once was there. Not even the Ford family is interested in that. This is very clear in the huge response we have received from the 1st History Hike.

The Haven Hill Project is now looking at some possible avenues in assisting the people of the state of Michigan preserve and protect their history and Parks. We will keep you all posted. And thanks for the great support for the cause.

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